The Rockbreaker

Human Barbarian and Probationary Constable


The Rockbreaker has the appearance of a cleaned up homeless man fresh off the streets. His beard is short, but just a shade away from looking unkempt. His hair is long and looks like it may go wild at any moment. His skin is pale and covered in scars. His hands are rough and cracked, knuckles broken, teeth… pretty alright actually. Other than his scarred body, the other noticeable feature is the grey streak of hair caused by a birthmark.


The Rockbreaker is not from this place. He doesn’t understand your slang or turn-of-phrases. Wouldn’t matter much even if he did, because he rarely listens to what most people say. People say too much with little meaning. The Rockbreaker loves to have a job to do, and will do the shit out of it.

The Rockbreaker

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