The Rott

"I think he wants you to get on the cart. Not to tell you your business, but I think maybe you should. Don't want to make him angry. Angrier."


There’s a story told among the children, of a great and fierce beast.
Stalking the darkest caverns, his black fur blood greased.

A tail stropped short, but never would it have wagged about.
Because inside is a cauldron of fury, raging and dying to boil out.

But this a dog with a job to do.
A body to collect, maybe just a part or two.

Today you are safe, and likely tomorrow, it is true
Yet one day, the Rott will come with his loaded cart,
And on that day, he comes for you.

So remember my words, for violence is his art:
It would be a great idea to GET IN THE FUCKING CART


The Rott

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