“The Aboleth are a race of giant amphibians with very good memory. They can grow up to 17 feet in length, weighing in at over 3 tons. Wow! They live in the ocean with their family which is called a “brood”. Because they have no natural predators, they are like kings of the sea. I want to be an Aboleth when I grow up."
- Sushi the Kuo-Toa, age 8

From a speech during last year’s Aboleth Mandatory Appreciation Day:

“One rather unique characteristic of the Aboleth is their inherited racial memory, which spans the boorm of time, ancestor to ancestor, all the way back to the very beginning of the universe… give or take ten years or so. In their eyes, even the Gods themselves are nothing more than upstart teenagers, with their loud music, disrespect, and intimidating swagger. How small then must the rest of us mortals be, when stood in front of that greatness?”

Excerpt from the Exciting Tales of Questionable Veracity:

“And he turns to ‘em, his lungs pumpin’ as mighty as a bellows, an’ he looks that Elder frog right in the eye—that’s right, all three of em—and he sez, I remember like it was yesterday when he sez, “What did you do last Thursday?” Blood’s just pourin’ down from that nose of his, the one they draw all funny in the papers, but twern’t nothing funny when he barked at them other frogs “Ach! and no helping neither!” A deadly silence did fall, aye, as them gathered nasties flippered about us, ready ta blast our minds right out of our skulls and turn us all into fucking soulless servitors. And then, I swear on me mum—no I swear on all the ale in the world! that Elder Bolly he sez, “I… can’t remember.” And ol’ demon Nicky just grins that fucking grin of his, the one that makes you wanna always be his friend, cuz you don’t ever want to be the one he’s grinning at like that."


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