Stenfor Factions


Constables – Underton

Name Notes
Insepctor Kuggs Red Phantom Task Force lead. Strict demeanor and ambitious.
Wilkens & Sens Sweet and dour duo. Rumors of promotion for finding murder evidence in Carl Frost case
Sargent Pilcher Reserved and cynical. Lacked political aspirations so his career reached a dead end years ago. Rumors that Kuggs is after his badge.
Jenkins & Taskett Undercover task force. Palpable disdain for other Constables
Faeland & Birchmire Noble born officers who’ve quickly risen to homicide.
Dano Overseer of prisoners and organizes badminton tournaments on weekends.
Dr. Mort Studied Necromancy as a child but lacked magical talent so he became a coroner

The Brewers – Underton

Name Notes

The Burnt Witch – Underton

Name Notes
Wenka Witch who has instigated multiple robberies against The Brewers

Unknown – Underton

Name *Notes
Billy Kicked out of his girlfriend’s house for allegedly being a cannibal.

Stenfor Factions

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