Underdark Rising

CASE 09: Prison Hooch

“Hey canibros, main man Billy Freskin here once a fuckin ‘gain. I gotta tell yeah, it’s been real out there. Like real real. Inside prices hitting that roof, but you know outside’s just givin it away for free. Like we be in some kinda tipsy turvey Underton. Sheit.

But yeah yeah, that’d be a fast way to catch somethin, somethin unnatural if you ain careful. You gotta be safe out there man, especially now that law and order be fallin apart. Tsh, Ol’ Billy got a keen ear for opportunity tho. Hooked up wit this black chick, you know, professionally speakin. She too hard a motherfucker for Billy, talkin dark arts and shit, but she runnin some angles, and her maid’s a sweetheart, y’know, for a ghost. An Billy don’t judge people on that kinda shit.

Yeah so anyways them Brewers got a lil’ surprise today with they scones, allegedly. Bunch of them Watchmen guys busted outta prison, and boy they was piiiissed. But damn man, you shoulda seen this Doregal dude. Coulda fed a family of four all month long. Real fuckin shame we had to leave him behind like that…"



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