Underdark Rising

CASE 11: The Jerkin Tightens

  • Umberhulk restrained—briefly—on suspicion of murder and/or public consumption of the dead.
  • Investigated a cry for help originating from a nearby alternate dimension.
  • Charged a Painted Guardian with obstruction of justice; sentencing later reduced to indefinite slavery.
  • Mirror-man wanted for impersonating an officer.
  • Interviewed Aquila, a flighty bird woman with red feathered wings serving as a messenger from the Capitol. She has been unable to return home since the closing of the Ascending Gate. She wears an porcelain mask that she refuses to remove, which she claims was gifted to her by a King. Her name is likely a derivative of the underlatin word for ‘eagle’.
  • Interviewed Philip T. Hennessy, a middle-aged dwarven male and self-proclaimed member of the Brewer Rebellion. Philip described himself as the tactical mind behind their organization, which has been implicated in numerous acts of smuggling, kidnapping, murder, and Capitol Treason. May want to bring in for further questioning.
  • Identified Harold Tallsinger as an important member of the Brewer hierarchy. Human male in his late 40’s, previously the general manager of the Puckered Goose. Whereabouts unknown.
  • Identified Jenna Krisborne as one of the three leaders of the Brewers. Female gnome in her early 30’s ( HRE). Is considered armed with two short swords and also dangerous.
  • Acquired research material on Cryptography, L-men, and the King’s Sword.
  • Thoroughly inspected Kassandra Eris-Aleta Estanfor. Human female with elven ancestry in her late 20’s/early 30’s (HRE). Suspected of being a princess. Is protected by a golden serpent companion she refers to as ‘Cuddles’
  • Met a monk in black robes who implied he had worked as a Watcher at some point.
  • Extracted Watcher Manin White from the depths beneath Certis Station using a river that was more metaphorical than anyone’s really comfortable thinking about.



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